Online revolving credit: Credit application without proof

Where to subscribe to a revolving credit without proof?Where to subscribe to a revolving credit without proof?

To subscribe to this type of loan, one must already prove solvency, otherwise, the contract will not be extended. Thus, the credit renewal takes place as and when repayments according to the amount authorized by the organization. It is distributed by banks, specialized credit institutions as well as by simple distributors. In general, the lending institution only grants small credit. On the other hand, this permanent credit is very flexible compared to other types of credits. This is its main advantage.


Have a cash reserve with an advantageous formula

Have a cash reserve with an advantageous formula

The revolving credit without proof form is accompanied by a credit card usable in the network of affiliated stores that accepts this credit card. Therefore, its formula can be expensive, because it provides no guarantee of security to the banker. It will still be necessary to pay attention, because the fast revolving credit presents a dangerous incentive to overconsumption in case of bad management of the account.

Nevertheless, its customers use their reserve of money and is solvent in the majority of cases since the permanent credit receives a considerable demand since its establishment. Also note that the cash reserve is free if it is not used and that its interest rate can be revisable.


Reform of the law on consumer credit known as Lagarde Law

law on loan

The revolving credit raises many criticisms, especially among consumers who questioned, its role in the over-indebtedness of households. In spite of this, the government decided to introduce the Lagarde law and to reform consumer credit by modifying certain practices, among others, the shortening of credit terms, the lack of a commercial advantage, the prevention of over-indebtedness or the choice between a revolving credit online and a depreciable credit. One last important thing to know too, know that it is now possible to make an early repayment of its revolving credit.