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Young Adult/Transitional Living

Young adult programming, ages 18 - 28, offers assistance in transitioning to adult independence. These students are often unmotivated to participate in work or school and often are just "hanging out" in their parents homes or struggling with addiction. Assisting clients with building their sense of self confidence, self esteem and competence allows them to move forward to successful independent and productive adult lives.

Young adults who cannot function independently can create a crisis for your family not only for today but for the future. With coaching and support from Educational Options, families can encourage their young adult to begin to take responsibility for themselves.

Call Educational Options now to speak with an experienced certified educational planner/interventionist specializing in placement of at-risk youth and adults at 858-922-6888 or use our online inquiry form.

  • May assist individuals with specific learning disabilities
  • Provide highly trained professionals acting as mentors, coaches or teachers serving as guides
  • Support learning activities of daily living and social situations such as organizing schedules, managing a budget or providing structured weekend activities.
  • May be single sex or coed
  • Offers a variety of therapeutic options
  • Provide career counseling, academic assistance, vocational training, life skills, college programs, high school completion or GED
  • May operate on a home-based residential model and transition to a community based independent living apartment model
  • Support sober free living
  • Vary from structured to supportive environments
  • Serve young adults between the ages of 18-25 and can range from 6-36 months in length
  • Cost $35,000-$75,000 per year